Monday, January 30, 2012


With all the fabulous treats during the holidays, why my mother decided on Moose Munch is beyond me.  Not that there is anything wrong with Moose Munch but the way she "eats" it there is. 

Let me explain.  During a post Christmas shopping trip we stopped by a Home Goods store around lunch time.  We were all a little hungry from hunting for after Christmas sales items when we stumbled upon a featured display of all kinds of fun candies.  After perusing the wares my mother selected a bag of Moose Munch to satisfy her sweet tooth.

We finished our shopping trip and with bags in hand returned home.  It is always "show and tell" for the husbands when we get home and while we were displaying our booty, my mother was saddling up to the kitchen counter to treat herself to her chocolate carmel popcorn mixture known as Moose Munch.

In the mean time, the San Diego sunshine beckoned me to the back patio to soak up the afternoon sun.  On my way out I did glance over at my mother and noticed she had taken her hearing aid out of her ear and was trying to adjust it.  She frequently tweaks it, hits it, pulls things out of it, knocks it on the counter and uses some sort of brush device on it.  In all fairness it had been whistling and giving her problems for awhile.

I started out the door and noticed she had her bowl of carmel corn mix next to her as she "worked" on her hearing aid.  I went to the patio and was enjoying the fantastic weather when I hear the words that always turn me to ice - "OH NO CHRIS IS GOING TO KILL ME"!  I immediately jumped up from my lounge chair and my neck and shoulders went directly into spasm.  Seems mom mistook her hearing aid for a piece of Moose Munch. 

The good news is she didn't swallow it or break any teeth, the bad news is she chomped down so hard on it, it broke in several pieces rendering it "totalled".  Initially I was in panic mode but soon calmed when I realized that we wouldn't have to go to the ER to retrieve the battery - that would be a whole other blog.

We all have had many laughs over her misfortune and she took it in stride, but the aftermath of her being virtually deaf for the rest of her visit was hard on all of us. 

POST SCRIPT:  Today the new hearing aid arrived.  She got one of those fancy behind the ear digital ones that she can leave in while using the telephone.  What will they think of next?  She is like a little kid with a new toy, calling me every 30 minutes to tell me what new sounds she can hear.

There is just one new rule in the house now - NO HEARING DEVICES WILL BE REMOVED WITHIN 3 YARDS OF ANY FOOD STUFFS! 


  1. L-o-v-e, LOVE the pic! I feel somewhat...special?...that I was there to witness this. A historic moment, for sure! Glad she's back in business with her new "ears"! :)

  2. Just when I thought the Christmas Holiday was beginning to wind down we encountered the "moose attack"! From that moment on, we all had to use sound supression devices to survive the television. The Bose system will never be the same!!